Does Dr. Yanuck Treat What I Have?

Dr. Yanuck treats patients in all stages of health or illness.

For many health problems, Dr. Yanuck’s care can be the primary or sole treatment you need to achieve an optimal outcome. For some health problems, Dr. Yanuck’s treatment is part of a coordinated effort with your mainstream physicians. In either case, Dr. Yanuck will work with you to identify and address the underlying causes of your problems and help you accomplish your best results.

Most patients face problems related to declining overall function. Your body doesn’t work as well as it used to. You may have chronic pains, injuries that don’t heal, autoimmune reactions, digestive problems, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, or a host of other problems that develop as your body declines in its function, but has not yet crossed the line into a specific illness process. Reversing your declines, eliminating your symptoms, and restoring you to full function and robust health is Dr. Yanuck’s primary goal.

Where a specific illness process has developed, Dr. Yanuck’s goals are 1) to identify and correct key elements unique to your body’s condition that improve your healing ability, 2) to identify and support your body’s normal ability to suppress key factors driving the disease process, 3) to identify ways that your diet, nutrition, neurological function, exercise pattern, or other behaviors may be harnessed to help you improve your health. Rather than viewing you as “a condition,” Dr. Yanuck works to understand the complete picture of how your body is functioning and how that function can be supported, identifying your specific, unique needs, rather than applying a programmatic formula based on the disease-name. When appropriate, Dr. Yanuck coordinates with other clinicians who are part of your care team.

With any disease process, there are patients who have the disease and do well, and those that have the disease and do poorly. One hundred patients with the same illness don’t have one hundred identical outcomes. Some will do well, having minimal problems that rarely affect quality of life. Some will do poorly.

If you have a chronic illness, whether it has an autoimmune component or not, you want to be in the “have an illness and doing well” group, rather than the “have an illness and doing poorly” group. Dr. Yanuck’s goal is to support the key factors that allow your body to function at its best, restoring you to the fullest possible level of function and optimal healing capacity, so you have the best chance to enjoy a normal life, with the illness in the background, not the foreground.

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