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Sunshine From Darkness

Dr. Yanuck has patiently helped me create “Sunshine From Darkness” in my life. She has been my strong, powerful advocate when I was too sick to be my own. She has been a conscientious listener and practitioner. She has been emotionally present with me when I was too sick to be emotionally present for myself.

Dr. Yanuck is professional, empowering, and generous. I have a long history of gratitude toward Dr. Yanuck. We have forged a path together which has led to my mental and physical health.

I have recommended her to my friends, and I recommend her here as a psychiatrist for anyone seeking excellent comprehensive care.

Warm, Caring, Professional

I have worked with Dr. Yanuck for several years, and she has always been very empathetic, warm and caring. She is always open to discussing any issues that may come up, and whether I display anger, love, fear or any other emotion, she always handles it with complete professionalism and empathy. She made the boundaries of the relationship clear from the beginning and has never crossed them so as to keep me feeling safe and supported.

Well Prepared, Professional, Non-Judgmental

I knew of Dr. Cheryl Yanuck and referred myself to her after I suffered an accident that would later result in several surgeries. I have found her to be well prepared, professional and non-judgmental. I have been impressed by her contact with my other health care providers as needed to ensure that proper diagnostics and treatments are in place. Her masterful use of DNMS therapy enabled me to find the core of my problems in a relatively short time and deal with them in a pro-active, non-judgmental manner. She has equipped me to work with issues on my own.

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