Dr. Samuel F. Yanuck


Dr. Sam Yanuck has been in private practice since 1992. He is also the creator of Cogence Immunology, a widely acclaimed online functional immunology course that has, to date, taught over 6,500 clinicians in the US and around the world how to work with patients who have complex chronic illness.

Many of the patients in Dr. Yanuck’s practice arrive seeking effective ways to optimize their health in the context of autoimmune or other complex conditions. Using new insights from the immunology research as a guide to the application of natural approaches allows him to provide care that is both cutting edge and supportive to the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Dr. Yanuck is an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. He maintains consulting relationships with members of the UNC Medical School faculty and the wider clinical and research community and hosts medical students at his clinic as part of the UNC School of Medicine preceptorship program. He also provides consultation to other doctors on challenging cases.

Each patient’s health problems are caused by a unique matrix of factors. Dr. Yanuck’s clinical approach focuses on identifying, understanding and correctly addressing that unique matrix. He takes plenty of time with each patient, takes no shortcuts, and tailors his extensive knowledge and experience to your specific needs. Correctly addressing the causes of your problems optimizes your health now and sets you on a path to better health across your whole life span.

Dr. Yanuck works with patients in every stage of health and disease, working together with you to achieve your best possible level of health and vitality, so you can pursue the things that are important to you.

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