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The nature of human health is that at some point in life, usually in your 30’s or 40’s, health peaks and begins a slow downward path, usually starting with manageable conditions and ultimately leading to life ending illness. This is the Low Road.

Each of the symptoms you get as you decline provides a piece of the puzzle that can be used to understand both your current problems and the particulars of how you are declining. Dr. Yanuck uses this information to address your current problems and also to address the causes of your overall decline, so that declining health can be postponed until much later in life. The results are a more effective resolution of your current problems, better optimization of your health and energy levels now, and, over time, minimization of the multiple factors that can take you down the Low Road. Instead of a steady decline, you maintain your health well into old age. This is the High Road.

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Clinicians today are under significant pressure to take less time with individual patients and to specialize in ways that help them minimize the complexity of their work. As a result, the full picture of each patient’s case is rarely appreciated, and connections between factors in different parts of a patient’s physiology are rarely identified or properly treated. You are not a liver, or a kidney. You are a patient.

Dr. Yanuck takes no shortcuts. He is focused on the entire patient and on the successful outcome of your case, not just on delivering a service with a code attached. The treatment path is created from this point of view.

The human body is infinitely complex. Health problems and diseases have multiple causes and impact multiple body systems. In modern medicine patients have to see many specialists to get a full picture. Very frequently they aren’t well coordinated into the single integrated picture needed.

Dr. Yanuck assesses each case from multiple dimensions of immunology, nutritional biochemistry, neurology, manual medicine, acupuncture meridian system function, and others. He brings these dimensions together into a single matrix-driven diagnostic process that yields a map of your case. Instead of describing your case with a list of diagnostic names, thinking about your case as a map allows you and Dr. Yanuck together to look at the overall picture of what’s going on and identify the best targets for clinical intervention. As the case unfolds, you and Dr. Yanuck will work together to assess the effectiveness of treatments aimed at key factors in the map, make course corrections when necessary, and evolve the process toward optimizing your outcomes. The result is a more dynamic, more precisely tailored, more effective clinical process.

Dr. Yanuck makes a major commitment to ongoing study of emerging science and research. He is a leading voice in the natural medicine treatment of autoimmune diseases and other chronic conditions and teaches the clinical application of emerging medical research to the over 4,000 clinicians in his online functional immunology course, Cogence Immunology.

This depth of understanding promotes more effective, individualized treatment based on clearer identification of each patient’s unique needs, leading to higher success rates.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Dr. Yanuck maintains mutual consulting relationships with leading lights in functional medicine around the country, providing opinions on the cases of other leading-edge doctors and receiving the benefit of their input on his complex cases.

The realities of the modern medical “industry” have created a disconnect between patients and doctors. Time spent with individual patients is too limited. Examinations are shorter. Much of the key work is often done by staff. The understanding of unique circumstances is absent or limited. A patient’s problem is named, and a treatment protocol is given that matches the name, rather than matching the patient. Important subtleties and variations are lost.

To make up for time limitations, and to motivate patients to accept the poor offerings, aggressive communication is used to hype the possibility that the patient could be cured miraculously by something simple. Ads, commercials, books, even some clinicians suggest that zinc, or mango jucie, or drug xyz, could be the magic thing you’ve been missing. This is true in both conventional and alternative medicine. Patients come to have unrealistic expectations and hope for instant results to complex problems – take the pill and get better, go to the miracle worker alternative practitioner and the twenty year complex of problems goes away. Patients go from one clinician to another, trying one supposed miracle after another, but not engaging the real work that it takes to make real improvements in function.

Dr. Yanuck forms an individual partnership with each patient, based on each patient’s specific needs. Dr. Yanuck spends over an hour with each patient in their first visit, and as much as an hour in each visit thereafter, as needed. He listens carefully to each patient’s needs, issues and concerns. He engages the diagnosis and treatment process with each patient in a thorough and patient manner, provides complete explanations, and helps patients understand how to participate effectively in the process. Dr. Yanuck creates reasonable time and outcome goals for each patient. In some cases, the goal is management rather than cure. Some cases require more work than others. Dr. Yanuck takes the time to assess each patient’s case thoroughly, providing detailed information that helps you understand your circumstances and what it will take for you to achieve your goals for healing. He then engages with you each step of the way through that healing process, as you engage the real work that it takes to make real improvements in function.

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