When you have a health problem, whether physical or emotional, it robs you of the ability to enjoy an optimal quality of life. If the causes of your problems can be identified and effectively addressed, you can experience meaningful improvements in your physical and emotional health. You will be more productive, have more energy, and have the focus to pursue what's important.

Being healthy happens when the mind and body are both healthy, and working efficiently together, intricately connected and interdependent. The Yanuck Center for Life and Health was created to take both mind and body care to a higher level, from a concept to a working reality.

Drs. Cheryl and Sam Yanuck are uniquely qualified to work with patients independently or jointly - addressing health problems that are primarily physical or emotional, creating tangible, measurable improvements across all areas of health.

Between them, the Drs. Yanuck have an extraordinary breadth of education and advanced training, and forty years of experience addressing the biochemical, neurological, immunological, structural, emotional and spiritual aspects of health.

If you have found your health care falling short or feeling impersonal, if you are dealing with challenging or persistent conditions, if you feel like your mental health is affecting you physically or the other way around, we invite you to learn more about us.