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R from Chapel Hill

Working with Sam Yanuck has been life changing for me and my family. My initial work with Dr. Yanuck ended stomach and back problems I had endured for more than 15 years. Now Dr. Yanuck helps me, my husband, and my children to maintain our health using a range of approaches including nutritional support, chiropractic adjustments, and neurological support. And all of the health care he provides us has been in an atmosphere of partnership and respect. It gives me great comfort to know that Dr. Yanuck will always be the central physician in my future health care and that I can rely on him to help me make decisions about my health and to work with other doctors involved in my care.

I from New York

When I have visited other doctors, they often ask me what the problem is, examine me for that problem only and then write me a prescription to manage the symptom or control the pain. However, at the end of the day, I still have the original problem.

With Dr. Yanuck, the experience is very different. In a thorough, deliberate way, he traces back the problem through my entire system looking for the underlying cause. The bottom line is that I like being treated as a whole person, not just as an individual symptom.

L from Asheville

I was referred to Dr. Sam Yanuck by my MD for advice on how to non-medicinally reduce menopause symptoms. In the course of understanding what was going on in my body, Dr. Yanuck identified that I was allergic to soy, eggs, and dairy. Dr. Yanuck was able to recommend dietary changes and supplements that helped me both eliminate menopause symptoms (hot flashes, problems sleeping, bloating, digestive problems) and digestive problems and allergic reactions that I had been suffering from for years. In the process, the inflammatory processes in my body were reduced, which resulted in reduced joint pain, stronger finger nails, and no gastric distress/ runny nose/ sneezing fits when I could control the ingredients in what I was ingesting. If an MD diagnoses a problem for you and recommends a solution, you might want to check first with Dr. Yanuck to see if there is a non-pharmaceutical response to the problem that will not produce the side effects so common with pharmaceuticals.

H from Connecticut

I am writing to let you know how grateful I am to you. You have had a tremendous positive impact on my life and wellness. No intestinal attacks since October! I feel great. Moreover, the greatest benefit is hopeful in the future by stopping (and potentially reversing) the impact of inflammation to the rest of the body.

G from Chapel Hill

After making the rounds of several specialists all I was left with was frustration and medical bills. My frustration grew with each pronouncement that labeled my problems by their symptoms “Chronic Fatigue,” “Fibromyalgia” and stress. Four different specialists dismissed my back complaint as muscle spasm and suggested that I take a muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory drugs for pain.

Lucky for me, I discovered Dr. Yanuck. He really listened and took my complaints seriously. I finally felt heard and validated. Rather than treat my symptoms he got to the root cause. He was the only one who correctly diagnosed my back pain as a kidney infection. He provided me with a comprehensive treatment program that addressed the underlying problems that led to fatigue and pain. I am happy to report I no longer have chronic fatigue. I consider Dr. Yanuck to be a great medical detective and healer.

Thank you Dr. Yanuck.

D in Idaho

I have been a patient of Dr. Yanuck’s for about 1 year. With his help and guidance it has been the healthiest year of my life – a great thing to be able say of the year you turn 60.

Dr. Yanuck is a doctor who listens to you and hears what you say and knows how to translate this information into your personal health needs. He can also explain what is happening in your brain, your body chemistry and your physical body so you can be a true partner in taking charge of your health.

G from Cary

You have been a tremendous help to me with my locked shoulder and the associated pain and discomfort. This is a problem that I have been suffering from for over a year and had not had any success finding relief. Traditional Doctors, unable to identify what the problem really was, did MRI’s, nerve conduction studies, and were still unable to pinpoint the problem, so they suggested that I take a medical leave from work and get on the Vioxx… which was not an answer I was willing to accept! So, I have been on the hunt for a solution and after many visits with different doctors, I now have you to thank for zeroing in on the problem, working to fix it and basically helping me get back to doing the fun things in life, which in the end contribute to my overall well being and happiness… You have brought a smile back to my face! Thanks so much for your unique approach, techniques and patience!! You are wonderful.

L from Raleigh

I was referred to Dr. Samuel Yanuck after unsuccessful attempts to quiet connective tissue inflammation and a host of other problems. He was described to me as a sleuth, and I later saw this as he studied my case to broaden his knowledge of issues affecting my health.

Dr. Yanuck has played a decisive role in my recovery from multiple orthopaedic surgeries. He also discovered food allergies and chemical imbalances that had caused me serious problems for years.

M in Chapel Hill

For years I heard folks in town talking about Dr. Yanuck. Telling stories about how he helped them with numerous health concerns when nobody else could. When I received a diagnosis of cancer, a rare and aggressive type, I knew I could not afford to not see Dr. Yanuck. When you or someone you love receives a cancer diagnosis, you feel as if the earth was pulled from beneath you. You are free floating in fear and anxiety. The appointments, surgery, and advice starts pouring in faster than you can take it all in. I felt overwhelmed. I needed a coach, a navigator, someone to help guide me through the maze of information that was going to save my life. I couldn’t mess around.

I remember after my first visit or two, asking Sam when I should return. He said “when you are feeling tired, fatigued, and not well. You don’t have to feel poorly through treatment”. I was surprised. But he was right. I felt a vital and robust quality through the course.

Dr. Yanuck proved to be my partner in care. He has an amazing, intuitive way of knowing what you need, of phrasing information in an understandable and supportive manner. He has a keen sense of the mind, body, spirit. His use of metaphors helped me view my health in new ways.

If you want someone who is cutting edge, ahead of the pack, extremely knowledgeable in numerous fields, Sam Yanuck will be very important in managing your health.

D in Chapel Hill

I have been seeing Dr. Yanuck for ten years, and I can without hesitation say that no one in the medical profession has helped me more. He addresses symptoms from a whole body perspective and understands physical, chemical and emotional inter-relationships where typical doctors, perhaps due in part to their focused specializations, would be clueless.

My first visit with Dr. Yanuck was to get help with severe lower back muscle spasms. For the prior fifteen years, I had had spasms once or twice a year that were so severe that I could hardly roll out of bed and crawl to the bathroom. After two visits the back pains were gone without any of the yanking and pulling I typically associate with chiropractors. I found the experience incredible, but explained to Dr. Yanuck that I wanted to prevent future back spasms not just get the back fixed faster. Through addressing chemical imbalances caused by the stress of running a business, extensive international travel and a “business” diet; getting the body aligned; and implementing a back strengthening program I have not had another back episode in ten years.

Another example of the impact Dr. Yanuck’s comprehensive care relates to my hip replacement. I was quite concerned about my back during the recovery period, as I could not do my typical back exercises. Dr. Yanuck outlined a program that utilized an upper body cycle to ensure the back muscles were kept in tune. He also expedited the elimination of the anesthesia effects and with vitamins reduced the scar so that it is almost unnoticeable today. Overall, my recovery was so fast that I was skiing down expert slopes in Utah in less than three months following the operation.

A final example of results is the change in body chemistry that has in effect eliminated the pain and stiffness in my hands. Due to hereditary factors I was almost resigned to expect that my hands would be significantly impaired with a great deal of pain.

Although I am thankful for the results mentioned above, as important is the fact that Dr. Yanuck has kept my body tuned so that I can operate virtually pain free and at a level of someone many years younger. He has consistently been years ahead of practices that have now become standard beliefs. I lost fifteen pounds by lowering the intensity level at which I exercised and keeping my blood sugar level stable by reducing carbohydrate consumption. I have been avoiding partially hydrogenated foods and for over a decade before it was fashionable to do so. The use of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents such as omega 3 was also prescribed by Dr. Yanuck years before it was common.

I have recommended Dr. Yanuck to a number of people and they have all thanked me. Specialists in the medical field can work wonders at fixing specific problems, but when it comes to maintaining your good health and addressing health issues where the cause is not clear, there is only one Dr. Yanuck.

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